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The ultimate guide to Kuwait
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  • 07/01/19--02:23: AMAIZE-ING
  • Maize is the name and “maize” is the game as this restaurant features a wonderful array of dishes. The very best from Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine among other Mediterranean countries. “Maize” is a word from the old Kuwaiti dialect meaning “table” and what a spread on ours we thoroughly enjoyed.

    A spread of Levantine specials fills the table. Source: bazaar Studios

    With our bazaar reviews, we generally love to talk about food more than décor, but the stylishly designed interiors of Maize warrant mentioning. Immediately as you enter, you’re met with a warm glow, reminiscent of a Levantine sunset. Furniture designer Kallio’s white-oiled, oak chairs sit amid earthy tones, dusky rose colors with bronze lowlights, smoked mirror finishes, and myriad textures make the simple and repeated use of geometric shape stand out, all supported by a speckled floor with the same greys, pinks and earthy tones within it. The restaurant features rough, rectangular, ecru colored bricks protruding randomly to pattern the walls.

    Kallio chairs and protruding brick walls. Source: bazaar Studios

    This rectangular shape is repeated in the structure of the metal cage dividing wall that separates the coffee bar from the restaurant main, and these rectangular shapes are repeated again in slats that top the wooden surround that discreetly secludes two intimate private dining booths. If you look closely, the rectangle design theme can be observed again in the leather backrests of the booth couches. 

    Repeated and layered design elements. Source: bazaar Studios

    You can spot everincreasing circles all around you; from the candles in the candle holders to the round bottom water glasses upcycled from green bottles, beautifully simple side and main plates by British furniture and product designer Aaron Probyn, the green velvet round seat chairs in the coffee bar to the massive round mirror on the wall literally reflecting the large circle cut out of the dividing cage-wall. The tables’ low hanging lightbulbs look like they’ve been dipped in liquid metal, similar to the mini vases on the tables which look like they have been poured over with smoky liquid metal paint, similar again to the “dip” effect on the smoke grey mirror in the washrooms, the ‘dip’ made by a section of nugget-gold colored mirror. The dusky rose color theme is again referenced in the washroom, by rose-scented hand soap and lotion.

    The entire interior at Maize reflects early western twentieth century stylings which can be seen in the use of dark wood, velvet materials, featured metals, geometric shapes, and even the table napkin holders exude the Art Deco sophistication of a 1930’s dining experience. The constant design references, similar effects seen everywhere, and the layered quality of the design theme, this is no mistake. This is a deliberate and accurate indication of the dining experience you are about to enjoy.

    Shrimp Pil Pie sounds as great as it tastes. Source: bazaar Studios

    As is best in this kind of restaurant, all the dishes come at once, each arrival to the table greeted by a greater sigh of appreciation from the group. You can hear the sizzle of The Shrimp Pil Pil before you can see it! The table displays a veritable rainbow of color due to the use of fresh ingredients, artful plating and baskets of pita featuring the signature naturally colored green and pink breads. Perfect for deeply scraping into the sundried tomato or, the oddly bright but again naturally green, kale hummus. 

    The fattouche is nothing like you’ve ever tasted before, with five herbs keeping the salad super sharp and tasty. Fresh zaatar, dill, coriander, parsley, and mint combine with a home-made sumac and lemon vinaigrette to carefully layer flavor in each and every forkful. The substantially weighty Spicy Chickpea Salad with crumbled feta cheese and sunflower seeds over crunchy cucumber is also worth sampling and would be a good main for vegetarians for whom there are lots of options.

    Signature pita, fattouche and kale hummus. Source: bazaar Studios

    The other dishes that have arrived come from the sokhon section and include the Levantine inspired Betenjan Mashwe. Super-thin slices of eggplant are grilled and layered with a drizzled dill yogurt sauce, cerise pink pickled onion slices decorating the bulgar topped dish with feta crumbs scattered on top along with pomegranate and pine nuts. So many flavors and textures in one dish, all working delightfully together.

    Khibez is a great choice if you have a pizza craving but want to keep it healthier with flatbreads. The Roasted Cauliflower version sits on top of a sesame paste spread base with cherry tomatoes, peppery arugula, and pickled onion. The robustly earthy flavors make this a worthy sharing dish. For those of you that like a cheesier affair the Pesto Tomato Mozzarella features perlini mozzarella balls on a melted bed of grated mozzarella that pulls like the best of them as long as it’s ovenhot. Grab a piece quickly!

    Pesto tomato mozzarella khibez. Source: bazaar Studios

    A huge mound of meat shawarma, surrounded and decorated by thick triangles of golden-fried pita, so the dish looks like a colorfully animated sun, indicates one of the house signature dishes, Fattet Shawarma; incredibly well-spiced meat topped with home-made light yogurt. The fresh parsley with more pomegranate seeds and pine nuts, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also keeps the whole dish light and fresh tasting. It is the high quality of the fresh ingredients used in these dishes that shows bazaarhow important the high-quality part of the dining experience is to Maize, and you can’t but help appreciate this. The fattet is superbly moreish and a favorite for half the table.

    Trying the grills next, the lamb kababs are delicious even for those who are not grill fans. The way in which the lamb has been flavored is tasty but you can discover these flavors only because the kababs are still so juicy and succulent. It’s melt-in-your-mouth goodness and the Kebab Iraqi with lashings of sumac and parsley is divinely palatable. The lamb chops are once again another dish which is flavorsome and comes with a pomegranate molasses chili flake infused light syrup. It has to be said that the way in which the kitchen subtly layers of flavor is a skillful culinary art, and they do this flavor layering with everything.

    Betenjan mashwe and fattet shawarma. Source: bazaar Studios

    For dessert we a tried kunafa-filled croissant. The croissant itself was perfect, cut in half without a dent in its dome, and inside a thick serving of crunchy kunafa and kashkaval cheese, the perfect cheese choice, was melted on top of the kunafa noodles. A sugar syrup to drizzle added a beautifully glistening touch to the rose petal-strewn dessert, but the entire experience was not one of overwhelming sweetness but terrifically juxtaposed textures. Finally, the San Sabastian Cheesecake; baked and fluffy, light and flavorsome was an outstanding finish to a wonderful meal. For one final taste, we divided the raspberry that topped the dessert into two and each popped a half into our mouths. Wow, this was fresh, fruity and sharp. One of the best raspberries we’d ever tasted. A tiny detail that was not overlooked; Maize had taken care to ensure the quality of just this single raspberry was high, and this is what makes this restaurant so special. 

    Kunafa croissant, San Sabastian cheesecake, Fume designed shisha. Source: bazaar Studios

    We didn’t try the shisha but did ask to see the famous fume designs. This is shisha done super modern, with a glass alien spaceship or a glass steam engine train being among your bottle options. There’s a range of flavors to choose from but we can only imagine the Maize Blend or Maize Special must be just as tasty as the menu offerings. If you look upwards in the smoking area of the restaurant, you will see four industrial-strength extractor fans above you, and we had to be told that the area in which we were sitting was actually the smoking side of Maize. We couldn’t tell otherwise. The restaurant is a joy to spend time in and ideal for a group of friends or family to take time over sharing a meal, or relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. 

    Maize Restaurant & Café is located on the first floor of Vibes Complex, Abu Al Hasaniya and open from 7:00 am to 01:00 am every day. For more information follow Instagram @maizekw and DM for catering enquiries.

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  • 08/31/19--22:19: ONLY ORGANIC
  • What we choose to eat can be a contentious topic. While we can disagree on whether you should go keto or have buttered toast every morning, we can all definitely agree that whatever you consume needs to come from a trusted source. What is the point of sitting down for a healthy breakfast if it is full of toxins and chemicals that came from the way it was produced before it even arrived at the supermarket? Unless you plan on raising your own chickens and growing your own oranges how can you be sure that you are getting chemical-free food? 

    For food to be organic, it needs to have been produced using methods that are in compliance with the standards of organic farming. Pesticides, fertilizers, irradiation, industrial solvents, and synthetic food additives are all avoided on the farm, so that your plate can be free of these harmful substances.

    If a producer can comply with all of the necessary regulations, only then would a certifying body grant them an official certificate proving their claims. Regular visits and inspections take place to ensure that the farms remain on the right track. So the next time you are at your local co-op, remember that a product that says on the label that it is organic, without stating who has certified them, is questionable at best.

    Image for representative purposes only

    Not all hope is lost though, as making the right choice for yourself and your family is now easier than ever with Only Organic Eggs and Only Organic Juices. This unique brand is exclusively produced for Alyasra Foods by Kor Agro Organik. A Turkish company, Kor Agro Organik was founded by a food scientist with a passion for Research and Development, and the company is constantly working on improving its array of products and practices.

    For eggs to be certified organic, the chickens must never be fed anything that is not 100% organic from the day they are born. The chicken-feed used by Kor Agro Organik is made up of 12 different 100% raw organic certified plants and spices. They even include marigold flowers which help increase vitamins A, B, C and K in the eggs.  The chickens are also kept in modern coops which allow them to roam freely, so effectively Only Organic eggs are also free-range.

    The same care is given to the orchards where the fruit and vegetables that are used to manufacture Only Organic Juice are grown. Neither pesticides nor fertilizers are used on the farms so that consumers can be sure that they are not ingesting toxins. 

    Image courtesy of Alyasra Foods

    Only Organic products are available in most major supermarkets in Kuwait, as well as Makani Market.  You don’t have to worry about any false labels here, as Only Organic meets all of the requirements to be officially certified organic products. The juice is certified by CERES (Certification of Environmental Standards) and the eggs are certified by ECOCERT, ensuring that both products are prepped for consumption in accordance with European Union regulations.

    Making smart choices in the supermarket aisle is the first step to making healthy choices when you sit down to a meal. And we have some quick tips to adding more nutrients to your day without a lot of effort.

    Vitamins Vroom Vroom

    Fruit juice is a great way to load up on the vitamins that your body needs to keep you in tip-top condition. If you don’t normally take your lunch to work, a juice pack is a great way to start. A juice is a fantastic alternative to dehydrating your body with coffee all day. It will give you a good jolt of energy and will keep you going to the end of the day. There is a flavor for everyone from the classic orange and pomegranate to the more fun and exciting mixes. Different fruits are expertly layered together to bring out the best in all of them. Our favorite is the Only Juice Super Fruits which is a cocktail of apples, beets, pomegranate, cherries, and carrots. 

    Hit the Sweet Spot

    If you are the kind of person who always wants dessert but is trying to keep the sugar monster at bay, then we have the thing for you. Make your own ice-pops at home by filling up some silicone popsicle molds with juice from Only Organic Juice and sticking them in the freezer overnight. Kids absolutely love these too and it is an easy way to introduce them to new fruits and flavors they might otherwise shy away from.

    Batch cook and freeze

    Freeze-ahead egg muffins are a great breakfast or lunch option for people who are always strapped for time. You can quickly cook up a batch using Only Organic eggs and stock them in your freezer then grab and go whenever you need a scrumptious and nutritious meal. Add diced vegetables for more fiber and flavor. There are lots of recipes online to get you started then experiment till you find your favorite.

    Frittatas are your friend

    A frittata is an Italian dish that could basically be described as a deep-dish omelet. It is also the perfect solution if you want to whip up a healthy lunch or dinner in 30 minutes and very minimal effort. Our favorite recipe includes spinach and cheese, but you can use whatever ingredients you prefer, just remember to incorporate organic eggs! Throw everything together in a baking dish and bake in the oven. 

    Making healthy resolutions has never been easier, so why wait until New Year’s Day to start making changes? Start today and include Only Organic in your breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat healthier every day.

    Only Organic products are available in retail stores across Kuwait and from Makani Market, @makanikw, and for more information follow @alyasrafoods on Instagram.

    The post ONLY ORGANIC appeared first on bazaar.town.

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  • 08/31/19--22:24: SINGA PURA
  • The joy of trying something completely novel is unparalleled. We had no idea of what to expect as we walked into Kuwait’s first and only Singaporean restaurant in the heart of the city.

    Excited about our role as culinary explorers, we were delighted with the minimal yet cozy interiors, and were ready to plant our flag on the table and claim it as our own.

    Lujain Al Fulaij, restaurateur and the woman behind this new concept greeted us with a huge smile at the door. We curiously ask Lujain about her unique choice of cuisine, and she regaled us with stories about spending a lot of her childhood in the kitchen with her Singaporean grandmother. This was the cuisine she grew up eating at home. Singa Pura is an ode to her Singaporean grandmother. 

    “Singaporean culture revolves around eating, they have 5-6 smaller meals a day, so there is always a meal around the corner” she explained. The small island city-state in South East Asia is a melting pot of many cultures in the area of its proximity, trading and interaction to its neighbors. 

    Image courtesy of Singa Pura

    After 15 years in the food and beverage industry as a marketing and concept developer, Lujain was ready to start out on her own. Her experience and skillset are obvious in all of her choices. From the location to the color scheme, everything was selected to welcome you without being overpowering so that your meal is the only true star of the show. She already had the perfect chef too; he had been trained by her grandmother for 40 years.

    We started off our experience with a selection of vibrant drinks. The Rose Refresher made from cooling rose specially imported from Singapore, along with lime and basil seeds, quenched our thirst. We also loved the Singa Pura Mojito that surprised us with its lemongrass and ginger flavors.

    The salads arrived and the glass noodle Mee Salad with its mix of green snap beans, bell peppers and layer of light Asian dressing was delicious. This salad is suitable for vegans but everything on the menu can be modified to suit any dietary needs. The Rojak Salad, with its unexpected pairing of pineapple and cucumber, is tossed in a spicy peanut tamarind dressing and served with prawn crackers.

    Image courtesy of Singa Pura

    The restaurant is located in Dasman Complex’s ground level, with both an indoor and an outdoor seating area. Natural light enters through the large, accordion glass doors, which are usually left open during the cooler months and make for an exhilarating atmosphere. 

    The indoor area is spacious and calming with its light peach leather benches and pine wood chairs. There is an ongoing theme of copper throughout the restaurant, with beautiful shiny industrial pipes going along the backs of the seating area and the sleek cutlery.

    This is contrasted by the gorgeous floral curves of the batik motifs that are engraved on the huge marble tiles on the walls. Lujain personally chose the patterns and local design firm Grid incorporated them in all of Singa Pura’s branding, from the menus to the packaging. It’s these subtle, and almost hidden, elements which successfully depict a sense of cohesion throughout the entire restaurant. 

    Image courtesy of Singa Pura

    By the time the main dishes had arrived, we’d already fallen in love with Singapore’s food. We tried the Chicken Satay, which might seem familiar to anyone who has been to a Thai restaurant, but the marinade is different, and so is the accompanying peanut sauce. All of the sauces, dips and condiments are made in-house in Singa Pura and are vegan, so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

    The Mee Goreng is a wonderful wok-tossed yellow noodle dish that included cabbage, potatoes and tofu. You can also add chicken, shrimp or eggs.

    Carb-lovers will appreciate the Nasi Goreng, as the rice was deeply spiced and packed a lot of heat, while the fried chicken and grilled tamarind shrimp delivered on hearty proteins. The fried egg on the rice presented a visual element that brought this stunning and tasty dish together.

    But our absolute favorite was the Roti Canai, fresh crispy flaky layered golden rotis that are served with a potato curry. This is everything comfort food should aspire to be.

    View this post on Instagram

    How do you eat ROTI CANAI?

    A post shared by Singa Pura (@singapurakw) on

     No meal is complete without dessert, and the Bandung Royal is a fragrant floral rose milk with pieces of mango that is a perfect ending to such a wonderful and filling meal.

    The Pineapple Cheesecake is one of Lujain’s own creations and is a wonderfully soft and fluffy cheesecake topped with grilled brûléed pineapples. For something slightly more traditional,  try the Jumpot Jumpot, or banana fritters served with coconut-pandan ice cream. The hot crunchy fried fritters and the coconut are a match made in heaven.

    Image courtesy of Singa Pura

    The ice cream is exclusively made for Singa Pura by OHG!, as Lujain was quite conscious about working with other Kuwaiti partners because she believes that a culture of collaboration and support is just better for everyone. She has also partnered up with Ananas for their coffee.

    As for the beautiful interior design, she worked with Jassem Shehab who transformed the design she had imagined into reality. Even the tableware, accessories and décor items were purchased in Kuwait.

    Lujain is still not done with Singa Pura. She is constantly developing new dishes to add to the menu and is tinkering with new ideas. There is something new added every couple of weeks, so we are definitely going back soon to see what else she has come up with.

    Singa Pura is open daily from 12:30 pm to 11 pm and is located in the basement of Dasman Complex, Sharq on Jaber Al Mubarak Street. Delivery is available via Bilbayt, Deliveroo and Carriage or call on 9677 2707 and follow them on Instagram @singapurakw.

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    Attention, foodies! Summer’s not quite over yet, even if the little ones are back to school and you just got back to your 9-5 office routine. There’s still time to escape the last bit of this summer heat to a destination everyone absolutely adores.

    Hint: this city gave us TV shows to binge-watch for days, a language we’re still trying to pick-up that is oddly similar to our native tongue, flawless fashion and hands down, the most delicious food ever… Istanbul!

    Now you can combine your two favorite things, traveling the world and dining at one of Kuwait’s best Turkish cuisine restaurants, as Sutis is giving away that experience just for the lucky to-be winners!

    “Cabin Crew, prepare for take-off,” is probably everyone’s favorite sentence to hear once they are on-board a flight and are absolutely geared up for the arrival destination. You too can experience that same exciting feeling because Sutis are carrying out a weekly giveaway which includes two travel tickets to Istanbul, with the experience of a five-night hotel stay. This is the perfect chance to escape your daily routine and reality in exchange for a trip to a city filled with impeccable flavors and views for days. 

    Image from Unsplash

    But, before we explain the rules for a chance to win this awesome weekly prize, let’s take a look at what Sutis has to offer in K-town before take-off. This Turkish restaurant is iconic in both its home country as well as Kuwait. Their most popular dishes are a must-try, from the Iskender Doner Kebab served on pita bread with butter, yogurt and tomato sauce, to Kuzu Lokum, a grilled round sliced lamb loin with sautéed veggies and a side of your choice. 

    A visit to Sutis is never complete without their amazing Sutis Gourmet, a platter filled with mixed grills of lamb chops, sizzling cheese kofte, flank steak, shish tawouq, and chicken, including various choices of sides like French fries, and much more. This platter is perfect for sharing with friends and family, and will give you a delicious hint of what simply awaits you if you win this incredible opportunity to visit Istanbul to try all of the city’s tasty delights.

    Image courtesy of Emirgan Sutis

    The best part of a real Turkish meal comes after the feast, and that’s dessert! From various types of Kanafeh to a crunchy baklava, we honestly wouldn’t ask for more when it comes to choosing between these two signature dessert options alone.

    Just imagine having a taste of Istanbul not only here, but with a chance to win a trip to try the same dishes in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. So, consider it a pre-trip warm-up feast. It is one that you will never forget, and will keep coming back for more repeat experiences.  

    Image courtesy of Emirgan Sutis

    Sutis is not only providing us with the ultimate Turkish culinary experience but with extra prizes. For a chance to enter the weekly draw, all you have to do is to dine at one of their locations and spend KD 10, and for that price you will also receive a coupon. A call to family and friends will prove its worth for both the additional draw entries that will give you more chances to win with more coupons. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next gathering at your nearest Sutis to increase your chances of winning. Better yet, make it a weekly experience so that your nearest and dearest all get chances of entering the competition to win this amazing giveaway.  

    There’s also no fuss or stress over who will get the prize, as there’s still plenty of time and lots of hope of you possibly being the winner! The weekly draw will conclude at the end of September, specifically on the 26th. Plus, the validity of the prize itself is redeemable until February 28th, 2020. Ideally, all participants must have a valid Kuwaiti Civil ID, and are 18 years old and above. These are all the simple notes to keep in mind before jumping into the exciting draw. 

    Image courtesy of Emirgan Sutis

    No winner would ever want to miss out on this incredible foodie travel experience either. We’re just here, sitting on our desks at work and only imagining the beautiful Istanbul sun rays glistening across miles of greenery as well as the gorgeous Bosporus sea. Everything is alive with the fresh and crisp smell of Istanbul’s street delicacies filling the air while marveling at the city’s legendary architecture and strolling down their street alleys with a handful of freshly baked simit. With the chance to win this five-night stay, Sutis is offering you the opportunity to experience the scents and tastes of authentic Turkish cuisine (and we can’t forget about that amazing coffee) and various selections of Istanbul’s yummiest dessert. 

    Rest assured that you’ll be able to get the best dining experience at Sutis across all of their Kuwait branches, and maybe even Istanbul, once you’ve decided to pay them a visit and enter the draw for a chance to win an unmissable journey. 

    Sutis is located at The Avenues-The Souq, The Gate Mall in Egaila, and Menus in Mangaf. For more information on how you can win this amazing getaway to Istanbul, follow @sutis_kw on Instagram.

    The post DINE AND WIN WITH EMIRGAN SUTIS appeared first on bazaar.town.

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  • 09/30/19--19:38: RIVIERA BY FOUR SEASONS
  • Arriving as Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya’s first stand-alone restaurant at The Avenues’ flourishing The Gardens area, Riviera by Four Seasons is an elegant, Mediterranean-inspired journey simply waiting to be explored. 

    As the hotel is renowned for epitomizing sophistication, intuitive service, and internationally recognized culinary experiences, it comes to us as no surprise to learn that it is the discerning eye of Sicilian Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya Sebastiano Spriveri which oversees the dining experiences at Riviera by Four Seasons.

    Along with the talents of Chef Osama Alakhras, and Restaurant Manager Rahul Tulsiani, Riviera brings together fine hospitality and culinary creativity at quite the trend-setting destination. 

    The Gardens may be accessed directly from Grand Avenue, or by walking toward the end of the Prestige area at The Avenues. As soon as you’ve spotted Riviera, your eyes will instantly gravitate toward the curved, walnut bar, reminiscent of the sleek hulls of the motorboats that cruise along the shores of the south of France. You’re welcome to choose between indoor or outdoor seating areas that are bathed in an atmosphere that evokes the glamorous heydays days of Beirut, Cannes and Capri.

    The signature ovens. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    Filippo Gabbiani, owner of the Shanghai-based Kokai Studios which had already worked with Four Seasons on highly-successful projects in Kuwait and Japan, tells us that the design for Riviera has partly been driven by Dai Forni restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya, echoing the restaurant’s sophisticated vibes. It’s no wonder that we were immediately enamored upon coming across this beautiful space. 

    At Riviera, we found ourselves starting our morning at a gorgeous sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, and we sampled incredible breakfast delicacies that were worth every dutiful step on our Fitbits as we made our way across the Avenues to arrive at our destination. 

    The Eggs & More offering on the menu had us wanting to order every single dish, from the North-African inspired Egg Shakshuka on sourdough bread, the Spanish Egg Tortilla with Red Pepper Salsa, and the deeply seductive Egg Benedictine Spinach with Hollandaise sauce.

    Egg Benedictine Spinach with Hollandaise sauce. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    We let whimsy take over, and ordered the Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs with a side of beef sausages, and then injected more Mediterranean elements into our breakfast spread.

    The local breakfast options at Riviera are widely varied, but we knew we had to order the selection of Manakish from the wood-fired oven, along with a traditional Foul Medames and Crispy Falafel.  If you’re feeling just a little peckish, then pair your morning coffee with a heaping basket of freshly baked croissants, pain au chocolat and muffins. 

    Manakish. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    Sometimes, you simply fancy yourself something sweet to kickstart your day, and the Sweet Specialties at Riviera redefine the very meaning of indulgence. From Chocolate Pancakes with chocolate chips, banana and caramel sauce, Apple Cinnamon Toast with sweet ricotta, honey drizzle and toasted almonds to classics perfected like French Toast and Waffles. Breakfast at Riviera is served until 12 pm, so your early morning excursion could easily be planned as a late morning Brunch! 

    For those of you at the Avenues for lunch, you can still rest assured that Riviera delivers on the same discerning promise of a personalized service and distinguished flavors, emulating the very prestigious experience of dining at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya.

    We began our lunch foray in true Mediterranean fashion, with a small selection of Hummus, smoky Moutabal, and spinach Fatayer. From the salads on offer, we immediately went for the Burrata, and Riviera’s authentic Puglian rendition is beautifully presented with Roma tomatoes, tomato coulis, and basil, pesto oil. 

    If your idea of a perfect lunch means a hearty sandwich, then come hungry, as Riviera’s selection of sandwiches will leave you feeling full. We absolutely loved the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta with smoked cheese and crunchy green onion, and we savored the Mediterranean flavors of the Greek Shawarma with Tzatziki, and plan on coming back to try the Mushroom and Melted Cheddar Wagyu Beef Burger. We think its description alone should elicit many repeated visits. 

    Wild Mushroom Bruschetta. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    Tickle your culinary palate with a beguiling selection of expertly handcrafted pasta dishes at Riviera. Experience the rich, deep flavors of the Risotto with Saffron, satiate your need for comfort food with a classic Mac & Cheese, or do it the bazaar way, and let the freshness of the Oven Baked Potato Gnocchi, served Sorrentina style, satisfy every pasta craving. We couldn’t get enough of the bright, tangy tomato sauce, the aromatic basil, and the way the tender Bufallo Mozzarella brilliantly brought this entire dish together.

    If you’re a mushroom lover, then the Torteli, Fettucine Alfredo and Risotto with a parsley drizzle will hit the mark perfectly. If, like us, you power-walked across the entire Avenues, then you’ve earned yourself the majestic flavors of Riviera’s signature Spaghetti Bolognese, and the richest Penne Carbonara with beef bacon. 

    When dining in a group, or if you’re at The Avenues for a grand family lunch, there’s no better way to share the love than with Pizza! La Pizzieria at Riviera will transport your taste buds to Italy for the most authentic pizza experience, and you instantly taste this in the perfect pizza dough. From a classic Margherita, to the indulgent Tartufo with truffle cream and fresh thyme, and the most satisfying Pepperoni with spicy beef salami and fresh chili, you’ll be completely spoiled for choice.

    Tartufo Pizza. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    We wanted to try something a little different for our experience, and opted for the Calzone, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, rocket salad, pepperoni and the crunchiest, freshest Broccolini. 

    Mediterranean notes are masterfully echoed throughout the main course selections at Riviera. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey that will take you to Valencia for a traditional seafood Paella, to the show-stopping, spit-roasted corn-fed Chicken served with fragrant, saffron rice, a rich and complex citrus Jus, along with crispy shallots and roasted garlic.

    For meat lovers we highly recommend the char-grilled Arabic mix grill, which can be prepared according to your cooking preference, and the melt-in-your-mouth, Josper Grilled Lamb chops with saffron rice and yoghurt sauce will equally tantalize the senses. 

    Arabic Mix Grill. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    Riviera by Four Seasons is the destination to visit at The Avenues’ glorious gardens. A quiet sanctuary where you can while away the hours, lavishly indulge your inner gourmand, while still taking in the beauty and serenity of the surrounding environment.

    Moroccan Corn-Fed Chicken Tajine. Image courtesy of Riviera by Four Seasons

    After such a sumptuous feast, dessert seemed like a faraway thought, but one glance at the gorgeous Dark Chocolate Mousse that was elegantly displayed at the dessert counter had us ordering an espresso, and cancelling the rest of our afternoon meetings back at the office with absolutely no regrets in mind. 

    Riviera by Four Seasons is located at The Gardens – The Avenues. For more information, please follow @Rivierabyfs on Instagram and visit www.rivierarestaurant.com. Featured image courtesy of Riviera.

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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    We were very excited when we found out that Deliveroo was coming to Kuwait this year. And after launching in February of this year, they’ve been quickly adding more of our favorite restaurants to their roster. Deliveroo has also been pushing boundaries when it comes to marketing, and this September, they went bigger and bolder by doing island deliveries!

    In a huge party activation, their very capable crew delivered a range of delectable treats from different culinary cuisines all the way to Kubbar Island. A yacht and jet skis delivered Vigonovo, Sandwich, Socrates Bakery, Toby’s Estate, Oh G!, Ananas, Iz Juice and Offside Juice to lucky customers. As part of the activation, Deliveroo provided a lounge area, DJ and beach activities, proving that food freedom truly is a way of life.

    Image courtesy of Deliveroo Kuwait
    Image courtesy of Deliveroo Kuwait
    Image courtesy of Deliveroo Kuwait

    A Deliveroo spokesperson, said: “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver our food in the most efficient and convenient way possible to Deliveroo customers. Knowing that so many of us enjoy the beach at this time of year presented us with the perfect opportunity to trial yacht and jet ski deliveries, making sure customers celebrated the last days of summer while enjoying delicious dishes straight from our restaurant partners.”

    Image courtesy of Deliveroo Kuwait

    It was a wonderful combination of fresh sea breeze, great food, and fun. The event was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to rediscover the beauty of Kubbar as a local tourist spot. And now that we know that we can get our food anywhere we might just be heading out there every weekend as long as the weather permits.

    Image courtesy of Deliveroo Kuwait

    Stay up to date with Deliveroo on Instagram @deliveroo_kw.  For more information visit deliveroo.com.kw, where you can also order your next meal. For easier ordering download the app which is available for iOS and Android devices too.

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  • 09/30/19--21:50: FUMÉ
  • The only thing that gives away Fumé’s existence is an egg-shaped mirror door. Purposefully designed to be inconspicuous, THIS restaurant is going against current trends, and we love that. There are no industrial elements or filament light bulbs; this is not a space that was designed for the Zeitgeist, it is minimalist in its architecture but maximalist when it comes to the food which is the one-true star. 

    That doesn’t mean in any way that Fumé isn’t beautiful once you step inside the restaurant that is specializing in Nordic cuisine. After negotiating with the revolving door, we found ourselves surrounded by gray concrete walls covered with beautiful white linen curtains all around.

    The stark contrast between the softness of the fabric and the rough texture of the walls creates a feeling of safety, but also, adventurousness. The space and in turn, you, are a Tabula Rasa (blank slate) for what is to come.

    Image courtesy of Fumé

    Friends, food-lovers and co-founders Bader Alsalem and Tareq Alyaqout were determined that their food should speak for itself. This is a project that has been years in the making. The pair have wanted to introduce ‘New Nordic’ cuisine to Kuwait for years, but they had never felt that the time was right, until now. 

    Despite its name, New Nordic is not about Scandinavian food. It is a philosophy and a food movement that encourages chefs to develop menus and dishes that are pure, simple and fresh. Ingredients should be seasonal and local, and that is exactly what Alsalem and Alyaqout have done. They focused on local produce and developed a menu that brings out the best in all of the building blocks of their dishes.

    But they also have another not-so-secret addition. As the name of the restaurant reveals, almost all of the dishes are smoked to give them more flavor. At Fumé, they use wood from different trees for different effects. For example, Apple wood is mild and fruity while hickory is sweet and much stronger. The chefs soak their woods in liquids too to add another layer of flavor. Like intrepid explorers, they are charting their own path into a land of unexplored taste.

    Iceberg Lettuce. Image courtesy of Fumé

    We started with the Iceberg Lettuce, which is seared and plated in a sea of sesame miso dressing and croutons. Such a surprisingly simple dish, but the crunch of the greens with the tanginess of the salad dressing makes it come together perfectly. You can only pull this off if you start with the freshest, most perfect lettuce leaves. 

    It was quickly followed by the Beef Carpaccio. Made from scratch in-house, the paper-thin slices of tenderloin melt in your mouth. It is served with baby arugula and a honey lime vinaigrette, but we would have happily had it on its own as a main course.

    We weren’t expecting Scandinavian Fish Tacos to be on the menus. But these are upscale tacos. The season dictates the type of fish that will be fried and served on top of a mini taco with cream habanero and charred tomato salsa. Each taco is a single bite of light flaky goodness. There is a wonderful balance between the creamy sauce and the crunch.

    Scandinavian Fish Tacos. Image courtesy of Fumé

    If you have always thought of yourself as a Steak and Potatoes person then this might be your new favorite dish. And even if you aren’t you are still going to love the Milk Fed Veal. The seared baby veal on a bed of roasted baby potatoes swimming in a pool of pistachio yogurt dukkah was delicious. 

    Milk Fed Veal. Image courtesy of Fumé

    We hope that your understanding of meat cuts is better than ours, because we thought the Oyster Blade was a seafood dish. #sorrynotsorry, because we were glad to be schooled in this underappreciated cut of beef. It is also known as flat iron steak or butlers’ steak, cut with the grain from the shoulder of the animal.

    It is not an easy thing to cook properly, but thankfully the masters in Fumé’s kitchen know exactly what they are doing. It was surprisingly full of flavor, and complimented with cauliflower puree, which was so smooth and creamy. The chimichurri sauce adds the right amount of heat to pull this entire plate together like a sweet meaty dream.

    Oyster Blade. Image courtesy of Fumé

    We were finishing it off when the Fumé Tenderloin made an appearance at the table; Pan-seared tenderloin fillet, finished over orange wood smoke to give it a mild smoky flavor without overpowering the beef. The burned sweet potato and the truffle and caper sauce are the perfect sides to this strong main dish.

    But for the true steak aficionado the Picanha Steak should be your new go-to meal. A mesquite grilled cut that comes from the rump cap is paired with salsa verde and faroofa. The latter is a specially made garnish that adds crunch and texture to an already perfect dish and elevates it to a revelatory experience.

    Picanha Steak. Image courtesy of Fumé

    Did you think we would skip dessert? We dug into the huge Pate a choux filled with honey gymar cream. This self-confessed brownie lover fell in love with the Kladdkaka, a classic Swedish fudgy chocolate cake served with ice-cream.

    It is a warm, silky, chewy, gooey brownie pretending to be cake because it has manners. We were treated to something else that is in the works, but we promised not to spill the beans just yet. But we can tell you this, it is going to be divine and sweet and like nothing you have ever tasted before.

    Pate a Choux. Image courtesy of Fumé
    Kladdkaka. Image courtesy of Fumé

    The most interesting thing about Fumé is that their offerings are quite carb-light. The entire focus is on the selection of right cut of meat and the skill it takes to properly infuse it with the delicate aromas and flavors of a smoking wood. There are no heavy cream-based sauces for a badly made steak to hide behind. And most pleasantly, you don’t feel exhausted and stuffed after dinner. You feel fueled up and ready to conquer the world. 

    Just like the décor, the menu is minimalist. One salad, seven sharing plates, two mains and two desserts. But that is because it is constantly changing. New dishes are developed and added while others are removed, depending on the seasonally available produce. Alsalem and Alyaqout pride themselves on their flexibility, creativity and ability to create an ever-changing fine-dining experience every single visit. 

    Fumé is located on Salhiya Street in Kuwait City, for more information follow the restaurant on Instagram @fumekw.  Featured image courtesy of Fumé.

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  • 10/31/19--23:04: THE PAST IS PRESENT
  • Those clever connoisseurs at Cleo have created a simple and flavorful menu with a convivial, shared plates ethos. The menu typically celebrates flavors and cultures from all around the Mediterranean from destinations like Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, and the Levant.

    While Middle Eastern specialties are the focus of their extensive menu, for the new season, Cleo is bringing to the table an exotic variety of delights including Hummus with Meatballs, Seafood Paella and Grilled Salmon along with a delectable assortment of desserts including Chocolate Chip Cookies, Churros, Citrus Mousse, and Chocolate Mousse.

    Image courtesy of Cleo Middle East

    The Cleo we know and love so well continues to delight us with their delicious assortment of mezzes served with the best steaming fresh bread that you’ll get hot out of the oven anywhere! As well as their selection of sumptuous appetizers that are always perfect for sharing.

    Signature dishes are highlighted in an array of pastas, tagines and seafood dishes accompanied by an inventive list of signature elixirs and home-made desserts offering a feast to share and enjoy unlike any other.

    Image courtesy of Cleo Middle East

    It is truly a destination where friends and families can come together to share a celebration of culinary delights, break bread, savor myriad mocktails, indulge in delectable desserts, and trade stories in the surrounds of interiors as varied and eclectic as the menu.

    Entering Cleo’s location at The Forum in The Avenues Mall, you are immediately engulfed in an amalgamation of Mediterranean aesthetics with modern brass chandeliers, deep petrol blue tones with luscious greenery, and richly-textured tiles.

    Image courtesy of Cleo Middle East

    A prominent olive tree sits within a spotlit water feature, all classic marble and modern cut, the juxtaposition a metaphor for the menu. Smartly mismatched crockery placed on rustic wood tabletops gives you the feeling like you’re eating at your great-grandmother’s table, and the layers of fulsome flavor can send you straight back to your childhood, and shared family gatherings around the dining table.

    The large open kitchen emits intoxicating aromas of exotic yet familiar flavors, and if gatherings while enjoying flavors like these are not part of your past they can be part of your future as you should really be making plans to enjoy these divine Cleo additions; an authentic Mediterranean experience within a modern context.

    Image courtesy of Cleo Middle East

    If patrons wish to enjoy the new menu items while basking in the luxury of feeling like an in-crowd VIP, then the private room with a window out onto the Forum that’s to the rear of Cleo is perfection. There are so many very different spaces to enjoy within Cleo that you can keep coming back again and again to experience something new, like the updated menu!

    Cleo is located in The Forum – The Avenues, serving a variety of lunch and dinner items, and open 7 days a week, from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. Discover a world of Mediterranean delights by following their account on @CleoMiddleEast. DM for inquiries. Featured image courtesy of Cleo.

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    Shake Shack has long been one of Kuwait’s most beloved burger chains, whether it’s the amazing combination of their classic items, or the exciting limited-time menus that Shake Shack has been introducing to us over the years. Traversing continents and oceans from the heart of Manhattan where it all started, to opening several branches here in K-town and across the GCC region, with one just right across the street from our bazaar office (aren’t we the luckiest)! The brand itself has come a long way to reach the quality status it is held in today. 

    Infographic by bazaar Studios

    Landing in K-town

    The burger goodness just kept coming, and after Shake Shack’s inspiring success in the United States, it finally landed in our humble Middle-Eastern region. In fact, the first Shack opening outside of the United States, and the third in the world opened at Mall of Emirates in Dubai in April 2011. Following their Dubai launch just a few months later, Shake Shack graced Kuwait with its launch at The Avenues, Phase 2 in July 2011. We distinctly remember the queues for the first weeks, they were long but definitely worth the wait just to get a bite of their classic ShackBurger! Thankfully, now that there are more locations and offer delivery we never have to wait so long again, although we probably still would anyway.

    Shack Central 

    After its first opening at The Avenues, Shake Shack expanded all over town, and has now made it all the way to their 10th and 11th locations at Murouj and Kuwait International Airport – T4. By now, we know that the Shack goodness is all about its high quality sourced ingredients. For their burgers, they have chosen a proprietary blend of freshly ground, 100% all-natural Angus beef. The chicken too, is 100% all-natural. Both are hormone and antibiotic free. The delicious yet soft potato burger buns are made from non-GMO ingredients, making each bite absolutely heavenly. 

    Classic Shacks

    Shake Shack has always maintained the quality of their burgers in their ingredients but have also introduced us to new obsessions. Whether it was the classiness of ShackBurger, or the awesomeness of Shack Stack which is a burger topped with a crisp-fried cheese-stuffed portobello mushroom drizzled in ShackSauce all placed in-between a soft potato bun. The brand has given us new items that were instant classics, like the Chick’n Shack! Remember when it first dropped? The popular item instantly turned into a classic and a favorite order for locals. Not to mention Shake Shack’s all-natural hot dogs that are split and griddled to crispy perfection with some cheesy Crinkle-Cut Fries on the side. The options continue to grow at Shake Shack, especially when a limited-time menu is released, with toppings and drinks serving us a refresher like no other. 

    bazaar Picks

    We personally have a few (if not many!) favorite picks from Shake Shack, just in case you needed a little nudge to branch out and try more of their items. The Crinkle-Cut Fries are definitely a winner, simply put, they are our favorite Shack snack; we just cross the road to buy them for the whole team (fries party anyone?). One bazaarite  insists, “Hearing the crunch of the fried mushroom on the ShackStack is everything, especially as it means that all the cheesy goodness is going to ooze out!” Another team favorite is the single ShackBurger, one of our writers says “That way, I also have room for fries and a concrete.” Smoother than ice-cream, Frozen Custard and Concretes at Shake Shack are always hand spun, and their vanilla and chocolate recipes are made of all-natural sugar, with no corn syrup. One final pick we’d love to see come back, is their peach lemonade which was part of a limited-time menu, unforgettable and super fresh.

    source: bazaar Studios

    Shake Shack continues to follow its philosophy of contributing to the community. They have supported many sports events such as NBK’s Walkathon as the Shack Track and Field Team, as well as other local events which included different markets, musical gatherings and several exhibitions. Giving back is part of their brand and collaborating with local entities really places them as one of the good and grounded ones out here. We cannot wait to see their journey moving forward as they keep growing bigger and better. 

    Learn more about Shake Shack by following them on Facebook: ShakeShackMiddleEast, and on Instagram @shakeshackme. Featured image by bazaar Studios.

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  • 11/01/19--06:20: EMERGE INTO KATSUYA
  • We know that in Kuwait once the weather turns breezy, everyone’s out aiming for outdoorsy seating. And, with the short time we have of this lovely weather that is just going to keep getting better till the peak of winter, we’ll be enjoying it in Katsuya’s branch at Murouj, which is just the perfect place to be when you’re craving Japanese umami. 

    A menu that offers over 100 dishes is a menu we’re ready to take on any time, especially when it’s Katsuya doing the serving. The restaurant has always taken an innovative approach with their Japanese cuisine, and introduced us to dishes we’re still obsessed with. Plus, with the world-renowned designer Philippe Strack’s bold and beautiful interior aesthetics at Murouj, it’s an experience no one would wants to miss out on. 

    Image courtesy of Katsuya Middle East

    From sushi rolls, sashimi platters, robata grills (Japanese fireside style grilling), to delectable desserts, Katsuya continues creating the best quality food for their frequent and repeat guests. Take their starter dish, the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, simple yet fresh ingredients that are dressed with balsamic soy and toasted almonds. A bite of the brussel sprouts will leave you in awe as to how the restaurant transformed a normally not-so-appealing ingredient into the delicious dish it is today, one we’re still enthralled with its beautiful crunchiness. 

    The Creamy Rock Shrimp is another Rockstar dish, the crispy bite-size shrimp tossed in a creamy but spicy sauce for all the heat lovers out there. This dish is certainly one of our go-tos during winter, as some form of heat will be welcome. Plus, if you’re looking for the same shrimps but elevated, then definitely go for the Rock Shrimp Tempura Roll, it will include the same spiciness kick, but over a spicy tuna roll. 

    Image courtesy of Katsuya Middle East

    The Hollywood Roll is one of the popular dishes at Katsuya as well. Inside this heavenly roll is shrimp tempura with spicy kanikama, avocado and cucumber roll topped with spicy albacore. If you’re trying to step away from spicy rolls, then opting for a bit of rawness is even greater with Katsuya’s very own Salmon Lemon Roll. But, there’s one more dish we highly recommend trying out, in case you haven’t yet, and it’s the Braised Short Rib Bop that will be served at your table, steamy and cooked to perfection. 

    Image courtesy of Katsuya Middle East

    We could seriously go on and on about each and every roll or dish served at Katsuya, from Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, Miso-marinated Black Cod, or Beef Filet with Foie Gras, to their amazing Peach and Passion Fruit Mojito. But, the next step is yours to take, check out how wonderful the weather is this time of the year, and just head to Katsuya at Murouj. Immerse yourself in their dishes and embrace the lovely atmosphere of the culinary scene with the restaurant’s interiors and the beautiful use of wood and stone that create a spectacular, and stylish environment to enjoy your meal at, whether during the day or night! 

    Katsuya is located in Avenues Mall-Grand Avenues, and Murouj. For more information, follow @katsuyamiddleeast on Instagram, or check out their website at www.katsuyarestaurant.com. Featured image courtesy of Katsuya.

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